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Denial Management

It is most important for healthcare firms to get their revenue on time to manage their revenue cycle. Therefore, denial of medical insurance claims is one of the biggest concerns for any healthcare organization or a physician. According to recent studies, it is estimated that around 8-13% of the insurance claims are denied by the insurance companies often due to missing or incorrect data.

Denial Management

Organizations can hire service providers who can conduct detailed denial analysis to identify ambiguous data and minimize denials. Outsourcing denial analysis in medical billing to an experienced service provider like Purview Healthcare can help businesses successfully avail insurance claims and receive timely payments. We have a team of denial analysts who understand the challenges associated with denial management in healthcare and help businesses reap the benefits of denial analysis.

Denial Analysis & Management

We, at Purview Healthcare, understand the criticality of timely resolution of medical billing and coding, therefore we assure quick turnaround time in our services. Our analytics team accurately identifies the source and reason for claims denial, reduces the denial rate, and helps businesses improve their revenue cycle. Some of the key services we offer include -

Identifying the Reason for Medical Claims Denial

Our team is trained to study the denials closely and find the exact reasons for medical insurance claim denial by the insurance company. We collate all the cases and analyze the data closely to come up with suitable solutions.

Denial Pattern Recognition

We have a well-experienced team of denial analysts trained to identify the root cause of expensive denials and detect the trends and patterns of such denials. This helps healthcare organizations or the physicians to rectify the problems in their process and ensure that such instances do not occur in the future.

Provide Feedback to Improve Process Efficiency

After our team of medical analysts evaluate the data and recognize the patterns in the denials, we provide a detailed report with our feedback. This feedback includes results from root cause analysis and financial impact analysis of the denials, which helps in improving the efficiency of the entire process.

Correction and Resubmission of Denied Claims

We identify the reason for the denial of the medical claims by the insurance company, make necessary corrections to the data, and then resubmit the claim. In some complex cases, we may have to attach additional documents, or seek additional clarification or information from the client and then resend the claim to the insurance company.

Benefits of Choosing Our Denial Management in Healthcare Services

Having served global clients for over a decade now, we have the required expertise and experience to handle any kind of denial management requests. Some of the benefits you can avail by outsourcing your denial analysis requirements to us include -

Cost-effective Pricing

We provide our clients with highly cost-effective rates for denial analysis services and help them reduce their overhead costs

Medical Data Security

We sign confidentiality agreement with the client and have data security policies in place to ensure that all the medical data you share with us remain completely safe

Use of Latest Medical Billing Software

We make use of the latest medical billing software to provide quick and efficient services that address all the challenges in denial management

High Accuracy

We have the required experience and skilled resources to provide our clients with the most accurate denial analyses that help them take quick steps to recover payments from the denied claims

Quick Turnaround Time

We provide top-quality denial analysis services within a quick turnaround time, without compromising on the quality.

Best Infrastructure

We, at Purview Healthcare, have the best infrastructure in place, which enables us to offer all our global clients with highly accurate and reliable services