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Our Executive Team

At Purview our main objective is to maintain the high standards of quality in everything we do and at the same time we strive to provide the best and most cost-effective medical billing practices in the industry. We use automation and technology, deploy resources accordingly to operate your practice more efficiently and achieve profitability. We ensure at all times to maintain patient data security at heart and deliver an overall improved patient care system to clients.

Reddy Punna
Reddy Punna
Founder & CEO

An experienced and highly capable senior client relations director, backed up by strong technical extensive experience in front to back IT Digital Transformation & Change within, eCommerce, Run the Bank, Lending, and cross-border Payment environments.

Miranda Murray
Director of
Business Development

Miranda has more than 12 years of experience in consulting, operations, and developing new business ventures, including over 10 years of experience in global sourcing and manufacturing.

Raman Ananth
Raman Ananth

An experienced individual who has set the vision on how technology will be used at Purview with respect to US Healthcare system. Successfully created and met the timelines for development, budgets, medical software trends and adheres to compliance standards.

Mihir Mehta
Mihir Mehta
Vice President

Over 16 years of experience in Sales & Operations, Revenue Cycle Management, New Client Transition, Implementation and Business analytics for US Healthcare. Best in domain expertise and knowhow to deliver solutions, metrics, and analytics.