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  • Purview Healthcare
    Purview Healthcare
    Revenue Cycle Management Partner
    We Partner with Hospitals, Clinics and General Practitioners to provide end-to-end solutions including
    medical billing, healthcare consulting and Practice Analytics.
  • Purview Healthcare
    Medical Billing & Coding in healthcare management
    Unlock a world of possibilities in Revenue Cycle management by
    eliminating operational flaws and realizing financial growth.
  • Purview Healthcare
    Foolproof your entire Medical Billing Operations
    Purview provides end-to-end claims management solutions. From charge entry to claims submission to
    payment positing and reconciliation, We make sure that accurate charges go out and appropriate
    payments are received for you at all times.

Welcome to Purview Healthcare

Your Perfect Partner for Improved Revenue Cycle Management healthcare Services and Financial Outcomes. We are an affordable medical billing company and a proud to be among one of the best end to end revenue cycle management companies delivering true results in reimbursements.

The skill to provide healthcare services has come with years of hands on experience and dealing with all insurance on a daily basis. They also leverage their existing relationships to get your practice paid faster and easier.

Our experienced and certified staff ensures smooth day-to-day operations and consistent financial outcomes. Purview Healthcare interim managers deliver peace of mind, department stability, and assist with operational assessments to ensure optimum ongoing performance. When you need someone onsite, who you can rely on to get the job done, you need Purview Healthcare one of the premium medical billing providers. We specialize in affordable medical RCM services especially in dental medical billing services and optometry billing services and can handle complete hospital billing revenue cycle management ideal for RCM outsourcing.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Our comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management solutions includes Practice Management System-Clinical Documentation with Electronic Health Record, RCM, and associated IT support.

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Intelligent EHR & Practice Management

Easy-to-use web based electronic health record EHR/EMR system that saves physicians time and staff time and improves staff efficiency.

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Our Telemedicine Solution provides ability for remote care with low technology costs.

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Remote Workforce for Healthcare

Our remote services will give you the advantage of having a flexible workforce at your end which in turn will ensure business continuity, eliminate staffing issues

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Revenue Cycle Management

Purview Healthcare

End-to-end RCM

Our comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management solutions includes Practice Management System-Clinical Documentation with Electronic Health Record.

Purview Healthcare

Transcription, coding and Charge capture

Integrated transcription and clinical documentation service to obtain efficient coding and charge capture and avoid underreporting and under-coding

Purview Healthcare

Dedicated support team

Dedicated account manager and support team to act as liaisons to address any and all questions about billing.

Patient collections

We follow up on patient balances, reduce bad debt and write-offs, and enhance patient satisfaction through consumer-friendly billing and collections processes.

Intelligent EHR

Meaningful Use Compliance

Improving transparency, efficiency, engaging patients and maintaining the privacy and security of all health information are few benefits you can enjoy using Certified EHR.

Go-Live Assistance

Our highly trained Implementation Specialists are available 24/7 to assist with the go live process. Our effective training specialists coupled with other knowledgeable team members makes for a smooth transition.

Purview Healthcare

Easy to use

Our EHR solution is designed to be as easy as possible for clinicians to use, to reduce data entry, and to consume as little of their time as possible.

Process Improvement

Let us improve your practice performance. While evaluating the overall workflow of the office we will help optimize existing processes to increase productivity and revenue.


Virtual Visit

Our Virtual Visit TELEMEDICINE SOLUTION allows physician practices to utilize secured web-based technology to reach out to patients beyond the geographical boundaries of their office location. Our Telemedicine solution helps reduce the inconvenience of staff and patient travel; and also enables a higher level of patient care utilizing technology. The solution also facilitates virtual patient monitoring for long term care facilities.

Secure Video

Our Virtual Visit Telemedicine solution offers secured audio/video capabilities on true web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. The technology works with PC, Mac, iOS, Android and is also independent from browser type, working with all browsers such as Safari, Firefox or Chrome. HD quality audio/video technology allow clear communication between patient and physician, resulting in better patient care and patient satisfaction

Live EHR Interface

Our telemedicine solution is tightly integrated with our Meaningful Use certified EHR solution. As a Meaningful Use Compliant Electronic Health Record technology, our EHR not only allows for integration with your current EHR but use our EHR & Telemedicine Solution exclusively for Telemedicine and push visit notes and clinical data back in to your EHR using HL7 interface. We offer Free HL7 interface to any EHR of your choice.

Purview Healthcare

e-Visit Billin

Built-in practice management solution allows you to generate claims or process cash and/or credit card payment direct from same interface. Staff can check eligibility for virtual visit in advance and can communicate ahead of time with insurance company or patients. Telemedicine solution comes preloaded with commonly used CPT codes for tele-health or telemedicine visit in outpatient settings

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350+ Certified Global Workforce
99% Customer Satisfaction

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