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Customized billing services for Mental care professionals

Consider our team of verified billing experts as a complement to your staff, not a replacement. We understand the complex and time-consuming insurance process, and our experts can handle it on your behalf.

This allows your in-house team to concentrate on providing high-quality patient care and ensuring a positive patient experience.

The Most Preferred Mental Health Billing Solution

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Customized billing services for mental care professionals

We strive to augment your team's capabilities, not replace them.

Our billing specialists are an addition to your staff, not a replacement. We manage the intricate insurance process, allowing your team to concentrate on providing exceptional patient care and enhancing the patient experience.

We only earn when you earn.

At our core, we value transparency, which means you won't encounter any unforeseen fees. We only charge a percentage based on the amount we collect on your behalf.

Take advantage of our flexible contract terms.

We eschew deceitful tactics or traps. Our services feature a risk-free agreement that automatically renews each month until you decide to terminate it.

Our services require no software modifications.

Our services integrate smoothly with your existing practice management software. Regardless of whether you use OfficeMate, Crystal, RevolutionEHR, or any other optometry software, we have the expertise and experience to provide you with comprehensive support.

Transforming Mental Health Billing Practices for better future

With our cutting-edge solutions, you can bid farewell to archaic vision billing practices. We leverage technology and a progressive mindset to simplify your operations, increase your earnings, and reduce stress for you and your staff.

Discover the Benefits of Seamless Mental Health Billing with Our All-Inclusive Services

Our commitment is to provide our clients with peace of mind. Our exceptional security measures allow you to concentrate on your primary functions and unlock your business’s complete potential.

Eligibility Verification

✓ Detailed notes as per your requirement are added to the patients' files
✓ Verification to be completed prior to 48 hours of appointment date
✓ Plan verification documents are uploaded in the practice software upon requirement
✓ Daily reporting for all scheduled patients
✓ Eligibility provided via fax/email for emergency and walk in patients

Claim Scrubbing & submission

✓ Review procedure codes based on provider notes and established SOPs
✓ Attach required documents with claims as per insurance requirements
✓ Daily reporting for submitted claims and client intervention requirements
✓ Work on material submission as well
✓ Include self-pay and non-billable claims in reports

Rejection & Insurance Follow Up

✓ Expert analysis of rejected claims and insurance denials.
✓ Comprehensive follow-up and appeal management for unpaid claims.
✓ Increased cash flow through timely insurance reimbursements.
✓ Proven success in resolving complex claim disputes and rejections.
✓ Customized reporting to track and improve your practice's financial performance.

Denial Management & AR clean Up

✓ Skilled analysis and resolution of claim denials.
✓ Thorough investigation and follow-up of outstanding accounts receivable.
✓ Expert identification of recurring issues to prevent future denials (Trend Analysis)
✓ Efficient management of claims with denied or pending status.
✓ Tailored solutions for your practice's unique needs to maximize revenue.
✓ Arranging review calls with both the offices to discuss the findings

Payment Posting

✓ Accurate and timely posting of all payments, including EOBs, ERAs, and checks.
✓ Expert review of remittances to ensure that each payment is accurately posted.
✓ Consistent monitoring of payments to identify and address potential issues.
✓ Customized reporting on all payments to help you track and analyze your practice's revenue.
✓ Efficient management of secondary claims to help you maximize your reimbursements.

Practice Analysis & Other Customized Services

✓ Comprehensive analysis of your practice's financial and operational performance.
✓ Customized recommendations to optimize your practice's revenue and efficiency.
✓ Implementation of new processes and systems to improve your practice's performance.
✓ Assistance with recruiting, training, and managing your staff.
✓ Tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your Vision office.

Our Promise To You

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

Verify Your Patients' Plans 48 Hours Prior to Their Appointments!

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Optimize Your Reimbursements

Collect Every Dollar You're Entitled to!

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Rev Up Your Billing Process

Submit Error-Free Claims within 1 business day!

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Efficient Payment Posting

Your Patient Ledgers Will Be Updated Within 24 Hours!

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Prompt Claims Follow-up

We'll follow up Every 10 Business Days for Claims Aging +45 Days!

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With our cutting-edge solutions, you can bid farewell to archaic vision billing practices. We leverage technology and a progressive mindset to simplify your operations, increase your earnings, and reduce stress for you and your staff.

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