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Why Us

Why Purview Health Care?

Our goal is to maximize revenue for our clients and be known as the best outsourcing partner in the healthcare revenue cycle management business.


Dedicated Account Managers

To ensure that the processing and grievances are promptly and efficiently handled. This ensures stability and improves financial control by minimizing the time you on each account.

Focused on HIPAA Compliance

To ensure the stringent adherence and maintenance of the compliance and security plans as well as making the employees aware of the consequences of any security violations.

Certified Offshore Development Centres

To ensure the centre’s excellence through simplified communication and effective management which in turn yield successful results for our clients.

Business Continuity Plan

To ensure empirical and cost effective solutions to our clients by a consistent assessment of their requirements and developing apt business continuity strategies, focusing on total US Healthcare RCM.

Focused on Quality

To ensure the continuous maintenance of the efficiency of the organization we maintain high standards into talent sourcing and ensuring all our team are trained and deployed for the right work functions and sub-tasks. We are also equipped with QMS platforms where our coders are tested for quality and compliance.

Certified Workforce

To ensure that compliance and efficiency is sustained throughout. We offer professional medical coding solutions via organizations such as AAPC, AHIMA. We specifically deploy only AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) certified medical coding specialists who will adhere to all payor and government rules and regulations.

CPC certified coders

To ensure that our physician and facility coding services cater to the specific needs of the everchanging healthcare community through highly skilled and trained professionals in CPT, E/M, DRG, HCPCS-II, ICD-9-CM, ICD-10 Coding Services and ICD-10-CM coding practices.

80% Cost Effective Services

By adequately leveraging our people, process, and technology and a special focus on practice automation & medical software, we ensure to keep your internal FTE costs low. Our aim is to maximize revenue, optimize the reimbursement cycle and gain visibility in all departments of your practice.

Highly experienced Management Team

To focus on open channels of effective communication with our clients and partners so as to minimize operational flaws and reduce technology costs. To achieve this we deploy the right talent for all the tasks involved from daily denial management to on time AR follow-ups.

Let’s transform your revenue cycle today

When you create a high-performance revenue cycle, you’re finally free to invest your full resources into what matters most: the care of your patients.

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